Coin Master Question Answers Part 1

Coin Master is a Android Mobile Game and many people have question on Coin Master Game. In this Article we solve maximum question and Answer of Coin Master Game.

Q1) How to pause a village in Coin master?

1 Ans) There is no way to pause a village in Coin Master.

Q2) Is there a way to buy more than 1 chest at a time on coin master?

2 Ans) No, In Coin Master we can not but more than one chest at a time.

Q3) How do I remove coin master from my phone?

3 Ans) Just simple remove application from your mobile that means uninstalled coin Master Application from your Mobile.

Q4) Does the game coin master have a crypto currency tied to it?

4Ans) No, Crypto currency is needed or no any option to buy or sell in coin master game.

Q5) How do I get rid of second coin master account?

5Ans) There is no way to rid o secound coin master account.

Q6) I want to change your team name on Coin Master

6 Ans) you don’t have to right. Change the team name on Coin Master.  Only when you creating new Team Group. Then think twice and give the  name to new team group on Coin Master.

Q7) How do I add coin master to my email so I get free spin gifts?

Ans 7) When you don’t have spins to play coin master. Then one pop up come with free gifts from email just enter your email. But i now how to collect all free spins links from one website. Website name is TechDriod.Com  is the way to collect all free spins and coins links. They collect all links  from  email, facebook, instagram , etc.

Q8) How do I bind my Paypal account to coin master?

Ans8 ) Direct Paypal account can not link with coin masster. If Play Store application can be links with paypal then you can link Coin master for payment option.

Q9) Where would I find my account number 0n coin master?

Ans 9) We can find account number on coin master. Fisrt step open your Coin Master, Second step is click on left menu 3 line bar. Third step is go to setting. And you will find your account number below privacy policy and term & condition .

Q10) What is the advantage of the folded spoon in Coin master?

10 Ans) The advantages of the folded spoon in coin master are big zero. Because there is no such a option like folded spoon.

Q11) Which island is rare in coin master?

Ans 11) No, Island Rare in Coin Master. Because all level will come if you completed the previous one. So, there is no Rare levels. But there are some rare Cards. which we can’t get easily.

Q12) Coin master how to tell if a requested card is new

Ans 12) Such there is no way to tell that requested card is new for me. But you can chat in social media or in a team  group of coin master.

Q13) What do you win when you finish a picture like catching fall in Coin master?

13 Ans) When you finish a picture like catching fall in coin master it means when you complete the album. Each Album have six unique cards. Collect All six cards of each set album then you will win the Lots of Spins.

Q14) Where can I see my progress on coin master my points if I’m close to winning a gift card?

Ans 14) Yes, You can see the process on Coin Master Events. But if you are talking about points then you can see only filling bars not a point. You can calculate by mind how much its move. So on an average you can calculated.

Q15) Best place to get extra coin and spins for Coin Master

Ans 15) Is the best place to get all extra coin and spins for Coin Master. Daily Basis you will get all Notification for New Links.

Q16) At what times in coin master does the yellow bulb appears?

Ans 16) Yes, The Yellow Bulb appears in Coin Master and we also know the name of Coin Craze. Coin Craze is an event that helps you collect extra more coins by with Coin Craze.! · While using the Gold spin button, you will be able to earn more coins from Attacking, raiding, Spinning, ETC.

There are lot of question we continue in next post. So visit again for new Coin Master Question and Answers update will be soon . Check Here


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