Coin Master Question Answers Part 2

We are continue Coin Master Question And Answers Part 2. If you want to read part 1 then  click here it will redirect to Coin Master Question And Answers Part 1. In Part 1 there are 16 question and answers. Now we will update from Question 17.

Q17) Who has spent the most money in coin master?

Ans 17 ) Coin Master Released on 2016, Coin Master Game is a casual mobile casino game. Player of coin master try to win coins for build up there villages or purchase of chest for cards. The Coin Master player spent money in app that is 116 Million U.S.D. for the Worldwide in Jan 2021.  If we talk about today they recently passed 2 Billion U.S.D in lifetime player spending money.

Q18) Once you win the whole Viking tribal in coin master can you start it again

Ans 18 ) No, we cannot start again if we complete whole viking tribal event in coin master. Wait for next event come then you can participated in viking tribal events.

Q19) How to get my picture on my game coin master?

19 Ans) It very simple to get my picture on my game coin master, just login with Facebook in your game Coin Master then your profile picture of Facebook it feed with Coin Master. You can see your picture on Coin Master Game App.

Q20) In which coin master card set does gold record belong?

Ans 20) Coin Master have many set, and each set have 9 cars set. Every Coin Master card set have minimum one gold cards and maximum are nine gold cards. Gold cards can trade on when gold cards trade available.

Q21) Why is there red check marks on some of my cards in Coin master?

Ans 21) There red check marks on some of my cards in Coin master because if you click on any cards then cards will expand then above red check marks is there for close the expand cads.

Q22) My Facebook was hacked and all info changed how do I get back my coin master

Ans 22) If my Facebook was hacked and all info changed you can get your back my coin master progress game. If you have same mail id access then you can get easily get coin master   game progress. Login with your same email id or create new Facebook id. All Progress are link with your email id. So it very simple create New Facebook id from same email id then login with your Facebook.

Q23) Why did duplicate cards stop in Coin master?

Ans 23 ) Duplicate Cards has not been stop in Coin Master. But you can used Duplicated cards for trade with brand new chests. Possible to trade your duplicate cars for three types of chests. Every Chests have different combination of rewards with  differing amount of Spins, Pet XP, Pet Food and Cards.

Q24) What are the diamonds for on coin master?

Ans 24) The Diamonds Heist for on Coin Master is Offer for you to claim free spins, coins, chests (chests include spins, coins, cards). This is a best way to collect freebies gifts without spending any real moneys. They offers three, and you have to unlock the first offer to claim the 2nd offer and its continue, one by one you can claim free offers. Some time it charge for money to claim more free gifts.

Q25) How do transfer your coins from coin master to my BIGO?

Ans 25) Coin Master i a casino game for android platform, The coin which we get from CM (Coin Master) that can be used on only in CM for upgrade villages, and buying the chests for complete the set cards to get more spins, coins and new Cards.
About Bigo is a different Application where you can do Live Stream, Live Games & Live Chat.
So  both are different app so you can not transfer your coins from coin master to my BIGO.

Q26) When will the village completion reward be posted today on Coin master?

Ans 26 ) When The village completion then you get rewards on complete the village on coin master. The rewards be posted today (credited instant) into on coin master.

Q27) I never downloaded coin master Why is it showing up on my phone and why is it saying moon activate

Ans 27) In Android or I-phone have tight security. If you never downloaded coin master then in you phone have not this application . If you have CM application on your phone then it can be happen one of your family member’s can download CM (Coin Master). It is saying Moon Active because they are owners and running Coin Master Game. They are Developer.


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